Quality Legal Counsel.
No surprise bills.



No one likes a surprise bill from their attorney, and you won’t get one from us. We charge flat rates for our legal services, so you will know exactly what you are going to pay before we get started. Why did we decide to ditch the billable hour? Flat fees make our clients happy, and they make our attorneys happier too. We’re focused on the value you receive from our legal services, not the cost per minute. We could go on for days about why we like flat fees (seriously, don’t get us started). They mean more people can access legal services, they encourage innovation and efficiency, and. . . well, you get the point. We like flat fees, and we think you will too.


We are dedicated to using technology as a way to improve the legal services we provide to our clients. Using up-to-date technology allows us to improve our legal services while keeping costs reasonable. For example, computer-assisted legal research can expand an attorney’s access to relevant legal sources. Computer-assisted document drafting improves accuracy and reduces the most common document errors. Automatic calendaring means you not only have an attorney double-checking your deadlines, but a computer does too. The latest in legal technology is like the automatic brake assist function in a car—you could drive without it, but why would you want to?

Serving our clients

We are dedicated to providing high quality legal services, so much so that we’ve designed our whole firm around what is best for our clients. We ensure high-quality services in several ways. In order to increase the quality of our services, we focus only on business representation and estate planning/probate law. Since we are not billing by the hour, we have more time to attend continuing legal education every year and to improve our skills. We also have more time to spend with our clients, listening to them, and creating a meaningful attorney-client relationship. We know communication is important to our clients, and each of our clients has direct access to Molly Anderson, founder and partner at Anderson Legal Innovation. In short, we designed every aspect of this firm to put our clients’ needs first.
If you are ready to discuss your legal issues without writing a blank check, call us, send us an email, or even text us to let us know how we can help.