Quality Legal Counsel.
No surprise bills.

Business Representation

We provide businesses with flat-fee legal counsel in a wide range of business matters. Whether your business needs dedicated part-time general counsel or a one-time contract review, we can help.
It is important for businesses to have legal counsel as part of their advisory team. Typically, businesses may call their attorney and get billed by the hour for any legal advice. This leads to clients who are afraid to ask legal questions because they don’t want a huge bill at the end of the month. We want you to feel comfortable calling us with your legal matters so that we can help you before they become legal problems. To that end, we offer flat-fee legal services that can easily fit into your budget in two ways:

Independent Projects

We offer on-call legal services for businesses that only need an attorney every once in a while. Call us for an initial consult, and we’ll provide a flat-fee proposal before we ever begin any work. This includes services like

  • Contract drafting and review;
  • Employee handbook drafting and review;
  • Employment procedures;
  • Business formation;
  • Business dissolution;
  • Adding or removing business partners;
    Dealing with construction/materialman liens; and
  • Drafting letters to customers or vendors.


General Counsel Subscription

We know that at some point, many businesses reach a point in their growth where they need consistent legal counsel, but they don’t need to hire full-time in-house counsel. It can become expensive and unpredictable to hire an attorney by the hour for this type of ongoing relationship. We have created a solution for these businesses by providing flat fee monthly general counsel subscriptions. Each subscription package is tailored to your business’s needs, but will always include the following:

  • Monthly meetings between business and attorney to discuss upcoming legal matters.
  • Updates on emerging changes to the laws that may affect businesses.
  • Guidelines and reference materials curated by your attorney to help you and your staff keep your business compliant.
  • Unlimited quick calls (less than 20 minutes) to discuss emerging issues that come up.
  • Registered agent service if requested, and
  • Discounted pricing for individual projects outside of the scope of the subscription plan.

We are passionate about helping businesses grow without weighing them down, and our flat fee services help accomplish those goals. If we can be of service for your business, schedule a consult with us, call us, or email us to see how we can help.

Estate Planning

We also offer flat-fee estate planning to individuals and couples. Most people need some level of estate-planning, even if they do not have significant assets. You may want to name a legal guardian for your children if something were to happen to you and your spouse, or you may want your family to avoid having to deal with the probate process. Estate-planning does not need to be expensive or out of reach. With our flat fee plans, we offer high value at a price that you can budget. Estate plans generally only need to be updated every 5-10 years, and we use several methods to extend the life of your estate plan as long as possible. We provide the following estate planning services for our clients:

  • Wills
  • Trusts (various types)
  • Power of Attorney documents
  • Healthcare Directives (sometimes referred to as a Living Will)
  • Supplemental Needs Trusts

We offer an estate planning package that includes a will (with testamentary trust to protect minor children), healthcare directive, and power of attorney document, all at a flat fee. One of our goals is to remove the stress from estate planning for our clients, and we have designed our process to make that happen. We are always happy to hear about the relief our clients feel when they know their loved ones will be protected.

If you need to review your current estate plan or draft brand new documents, schedule a consult with us so we can get you closer to peace of mind.